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DLNR Releases 1st Draft of Management Plan for Public Review

Dec 7, 2021
here is the link to a copy of the draft management plan.

Mahalo to the DLNR and Planning Consultants Hawaii, LLC. for an excellent presentation last night. Save Honolua recognizes their sincere efforts to engage, hear, and collaborate with our community. They have gone to great effort to have our concerns for good stewardship and respect for the culture reflected in the plan. We see this as an amazing opportunity to do something great that can be used as an example for Hawaii and the world of how the community works with the Government to caretake special land. We are proud to be a part of the process and invite you to be as well if you have not done so already.

There is lots of time for public input and the plan is not set in stone. This plan is the result of years of input from key stake holders including Kupuna and Hawaiians from the area, Save Honolua, key individuals such as Les Potts, and other various environmental groups. This phase of the plan is for the public to review the work, give suggestions or comments, and add new ideas. The next phase will be for an environment assessment to be done and then go to the BLNR for final approval.

We encourage everyone to read the management plan and provide comment (see link in previous post). But some highlights include:

* Valley Floor
* Emphasis on education opportunities (Save Honolua is in the process of setting up educational/information/monitoring table at the bay)
* Get rid of parking on the side of the road reducing available spots from 81 down to 27 spots within two managed parking areas.
* Establish tourism carrying capacities and set a daily cap.
* Charge a fee to non-residents for access

* Surfers Access
* Keep the dirt road where it is, widen it to allow emergency vehicle access, grade it further to keep sedimentation from going into the bay, and add large gravel to help prevent runoff

* Lipoa Pt.
* Add emergency helicopter pad
* Work to get rid of black plastic
* Manage use areas while maintaining access for cultural use

If you have comments or suggestions, email them to Planning Consultants of Hawaii

Stay tuned for more details and opportunities to be heard.

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